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Inside the Food Industry – Virtually

FMI – The Food Industry Association

The Food Industry Association (FMI) has kept its members engaged throughout 2020 with frequent, high-caliber virtual events featuring experts around the world, sharing ideas and insights into the latest developments in their field. We’ve partnered with FMI to produce a number of these events, including:

FMI Midsummer Strategic Executive Exchange (July 7-16): virtual meetings designed to encourage collaboration and accelerate business recovery across the entire food industry. We welcomed presenters from around the globe into our virtual studio, facilitating conversations between food industry experts in Wuhan, China, to Bologna, Italy, and across the United States.

FMI FreshForward (August 18-20): an exclusive, senior executive thought-leadership event focussed on all aspects of the fresh food business. In our virtual studio, we conducted interviews and panel discussions; our art department integrated visual support and our video department edited together into polished video streams.

FMI SQF Global (October 27-30): an event aiming to unite the worldwide food safety community. We remotely recorded messages and presentations from food-safety experts worldwide, and produced a live Town Hall that included prominent panelists, polling, audience interaction, and attendee-submitted videos.

Each of these virtual events blended live and pre-recorded content with compelling visuals, reinforcing FMI’s brand and elevating attendees’ at-home viewing experience.