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Opening The VNTANA

On the latest episode of their podcast Six Degrees of Storytelling, Brittney and Rachel chat with Ashley Crowder, co-founder and CEO of VNTANA, an industry-leading, augmented reality platform for creating and distributing premium mixed reality experiences.

Discover the wondrous world of holograms as we learn how VNTANA is pioneering interactive hologram experiences. At the outset of the conversation, Ashley defines “hologram” through VNTANA’s unique lens, and describes how the company fits into the broader industry landscape and historical context of the technology.

Of course, Brittney and Rachel navigate the overlaps of theater and human connection with hologram technology, and the power of collective experience fostered by AR & VR. Ashley explains how a drawing becomes a hologram, and how VNTANA’s holograms actually come to be, through volumetric capture, AI, and motion-capture.

We learn about data collection and VNTANA’s internal creative processes, and how companies use their technology to provide consumers unique experiences. Finally, Ashley tells us about some live events that have inspired her, and what she sees in the future of AR & VR.

Listen and learn how you could be in New York and Tokyo at the same time (or, at least, your tele-presence can be)!

Download or stream the episode on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. You can also listen on the 6 Degrees website.

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