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Framing Science and Innovation

BIO 2022 – Framing Science and Innovation

June 2022
San Diego, CA

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s goal is to “Drive a bio-revolution through Education, Collaboration, and Advocacy.” At their annual convention, they put on display everything they’ve done as well as encourage their members, with keynote speakers and company heads taking the stage (with our help) to inspire their members. Taking note of the clean and futuristic yet ecological branding, we set up a clean white set accented by green potted plants. The stage ran wide but narrow on either side, meeting at the center which stretched further out, able to fit more people at once with stairs leading down towards the audience. The audience had it good too, being seated not just at regular chairs and tables but also soft cushioned sofas. And the big finish, between the two large screens for content on either side, a cutout in the shape of the BIO logo in the center, for presenters and speakers to walk out onto the stage through, backlit with a pop of color. The all-encompassing stage design allowed for all types of presentations, from single presenters to an award show for full teams of people. It became the perfect backdrop for the inspiring biotechnological advancements that were discussed.