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Big Name Speakers, Bigger Stage

RFMA 2022 – Big Name Speakers, Bigger Stage

March 2022
Nashville, TN

The Restaurant Facility Management Association helps and encourages their members and other management professionals to network together. At their annual convention this year, they lifted the spirits of their members and congratulated them on their hard work. With the sessions taking place in the Nashville Music City center with its own stage, it was decided to fully embrace the venue and city’s legacy to make the event colorful and fun. We aimed to give it the feel of a music venue, leaning into more rustic and freeform, and less industrial design. The stage had three large screens, one hanging center stage with the two others far on either side of the stage. To fill the negative space between them, metal screens crumpled to look like rock were hung from the truss, lit with colored light to compliment the colors and rustic textures used in the branding and graphics. It gave a colorful backdrop to informative sessions and fun speakers.