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Inside the Food Industry – Back in Person

FMI Midwinter Executive Conference – Inside the Food Industry – Back in Person

March 2022
Orlando, FL

FMI – The Food Industry Association is known for enhancing the grocery industry and putting research and work into the retail food supply chain in many different ways. In the year 2022 at their FMI Midwinter show, they celebrated their 75th anniversary and all the work they’ve done over those years, with leadership sessions and panels. The conference ballroom gave us space to come up with an innovative and effective stage design. With a small and round stage on just one side, we aimed for spectacle with a curved, floor-to-ceiling 60 foot LED screen starting behind the stange and extending far to its right. To frame the stage and screen further, we put two smaller curved screens on either side. They complimented the graphics on the main screen with only solid colors and minimal graphics, and allowed a place for the presenters to come out onto the stage seamlessly.

Alongside this convention, we produced a video that showcases, by the numbers, all the work the Association has accomplished.